Have You Found YOUR IDEAL Man?

Love Yourself First

People are going to make mistakes in a relationship. They are going to mess up and they will say or do things to hurt us.  Either they know what they are doing to us or they will act unaware but it's how we handle those mistakes that will define us. If the relationship takes a wrong turn and you end up getting hurt behind it, then you have to believe in yourself and know that this is just something that happened and it is not a reflection on you. Do not feel sorry for yourself and start thinking you brought it on or that no one will ever love you again. The person that hurt you may not really love you or even be ready to be in a relationship but that should not take away from your self esteem and cause you to second guess yourself.

The only thing you should define, is how to take back control and move forward. Take charge of yourself! When you are involved in a relationship don't lose yourself in the process.  Gather the strength, courage and determination to recognize when it's not right for you and walk away. Make the most of that experience and move forward, don't beat yourself up thinking you can't do any better or that you're going to forever be alone. Prepare yourself for the next relationship by learning from your past relationship and don't ever give up on future relationships. Be brave, strong and courageous for yourself.. No one can really love or appreciate you until you love and appreciate who you are so it's up to you to show them how to love you by first loving yourself.  Don't let the relationship Define you.  Define that Relationship Girl, Rock On!  

Love, Sensational