I am at the beach laying on the warm sand and watching the sun set as the soothing sounds of smooth jazz flow around me.  My mind and my body are at peace and I am feeling sexy in my world.  

With my eyes closed I am jazz'n it up as the mellow music dances with my soul.  After a while I notice a stillness in the air along with an eerie calm surrounding me.  I sense a presence, someone is watching me with hidden eyes in the dark.  I quickly open my eyes and look around but I don't see anything, just the calming water of the ocean before me.

Closing my eyes, I strain to listen among the music with darkness approaching and I detect a low rumbling sound.  I continue to lay there frightened and yet strangely excited as I can sense this presence around me is non threatening and is a male.  He wants me to know he is there and to also know that he is coming for me......   

Staring out at the water, I watch as calm waves begin to roll in and gently lap at my feet like soft kisses.  Each time the waves roll in they come further up my body, caressing and gently tugging me as the water recedes.

Back and forth I feel the motion of the ocean, teasing and tantalizing me as it glides over my body.  The waves are now softly lapping around the fullness of my breasts.  I am totally enraptured with this sweet seduction upon my body.  

As his desire for me increases, the waves come faster and I am suddenly swept into the ocean.  I panic and begin thrashing around only to submerge myself deeper into the water.  Amidst the forceful currents I can feel his strong arms envelope me and an immediate calm takes place in the water.  

Pressed firmly against him, my heart is racing as hot sparks shoot through my body causing an incredible tingling sensation.   His touch is like hot lava oozing all over my body and rendering me  immobile.  He has such an electrifying hold on me that I can't seem to resist him but I am pretty sure that I don't want to resist him so I just give in to him.  I know, I know!  I gave in way to easy and didn't even try to resist but I was so caught up in the moment.  He sees all this flash across my face while I ponder the decision I made and he smirks knowingly as we sink to the bottom of the ocean and down into his world.

Wow! Now that was a trip worth taking.  I am still feeling the aftershocks and tingling from my wanton excursion.  Music has a way of strumming it's own beat to my drums and unleashes my wild and sensuous side that has me imagining some far out shit.


 Sometimes you just have to let go and let the moment take you... away..  Imagination is whatever you envision it to be and is the gateway to your inner soul, your dreams and fantasies.  We all need some form of meditation that allows us to escape and free our minds from the stress and craziness of the world we live in.  

Open your mind and explore the possibilities.  Think outside the box and visualize that wonderful relaxation you seek.  You may never get there if you don't know how to take yourself there.  Learn to tap into yourself and discover what it is that truly makes you happy.

Dream big,  believe in yourself and know that you are always worth the effort.  Visualize what you seek in life so that you know the full scope of what you want and how to make it happen for yourself.  

Much love, Sensational