As you rise every morning, SMILE!  Love who you are, love life and be thankful you've been given another day to be Fabulous and enjoy.  Take the time each day to fix yourself up and do something different with your hair or whatever helps you to feel good about yourself.  When we feel good and know we look good there's an extra pep in our step and people are drawn to us.  When my hair is banging or I have on a new outfit or some sexy heels, you can't tell me nothing!  So be that Boss Bitch if that's what it takes to do you.  Believe me, when you Strut your Stuff others Will take notice.  Learn to appreciate and complement your fellow sisters as well and let her know she's rocking it.  Let's stop hating on each other and start uplifting each other.  Don't strive to be the envy of others, Strive to be a beauty discovered. There will always be some haters out there so keep your head up and don't break your stride.  Work that runway girl!  Rock On My Sisters!